Saturday, February 1, 2014

Exodus 25:17-22 Terumah

We Are Always Becoming

Have you ever noticed that once we declare ourselves as X, X starts to shift and change? The edges drift, maybe the job description morphs a little, then a little more, and then all of a sudden X is no longer the definition of what we are any more, but looking back we can see that the new X (or Y if you must) was there all along, it just hadn't expressed itself yet.

We are always many beautiful and contradictory things at once. I am both the really good friend and the selfish person. The giving soul and the needy soul. The wonderful mother and the terrible mother. I'm using extreme judging words because we all do it -- partition off parts of our being into good and bad, thinking if God were to pop in at this moment, how would we be judged? But that's not it.

We are cut from the cloth woven from the strands of all human emotion. Sewn by experience into our own unique garments, moments stitched into our pockets and hems that cannot be undone. This being that is in the center, guarded by the duality of oneness, wrapped in precious metal, carried in whittled wood, held in a tent, surrounded by a courtyard, guarded by a wall, is the precious knowledge that we have to take the whole duality of oneness, the sacredness of vulnerability as the most tender and easily misunderstood gift we have been given.

That our capacity for oneness is honored when we see our capacity to be all dualities, all becomings, in all highly guarded beings. That we are mother/father, brother/sister, lover/friend, son/daughter, wife/husband, pure and flawed ALL the time. And how beautiful it is to be X and Y and Z, you and me, together, stitching time and experience and humanity into dualities and oneness out of one single thread.