Sunday, November 4, 2012

How We Grow the Sacred Peace

October 20, 2012
Gen 8: 6-12

We try the old way. Same dark, same light, same fear, same hope, no change. Same results. A learning.

Dove + No Rest
We try again, something different, and it almost works. There are shifts and changes, but not quite... not quite there yet. This is when we must return to the source, the beginning, go back AGAIN, to pray, hope, wish, think, smile, with the fullness of our souls, the shifting balance of hopes and dreams, of light and dark, day and night. This is when the refinement, the longing, the learning of patience, the growing roots of change, really happens.

We can't skip straight to this step, no matter how practiced we are with our souls, with our failures and hopes. This is the heart of surrender.

Dove 2
We keep going, we don't turn back, we become ourselves again with great devotion. We believe that consciousness and learning, change and faith and patience, goodness and love, are one, and we are one with that oneness. Part of time itself, past, present and future, darkness, light, hope, fear, change, and what must be, and we touch down on the unbefore-sighted-but-imagined peace of holy, solid ground.