Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coming to the Promised Land

August 26, 2013
Ki tavo
Deuteronomy 26: 1-3

Come. Bring Yourself. You are here. Settle in. You are the key that fits the lock of your life, the one piece of creation that is yours, and yours to be ours. Claim it. Engage. Ready? Here we go...

I say to your God, this is my piece and I offer it to all of us, to all of Creation, to our ancestors and to those who will come after. This is the land I have been given from which the fruits and gifts, hardships and struggles of my oneness joins yours and resonates through time.

Together we see the faces of God that we see. The fog lifting, the heart opening, an apple when you are hungry, a kind shoulder when you are sad.

Look, next to you, a new land.

The healing we all do is awakening and settling our land.

It's not always easy. The roads of this land are bumpy and twisted. Sometimes there is wreckage, but when we take our place among the many faces of The One, when we stand and claim our own land as sacred, then we bring forth the harvest.

First fruit, new energy. Put it in a basket. Bring it with you wherever you go. Sacred ground is all around us. The faces of YHVH are many.

Settle in. This is your, my, our life. You have the key to let the doors of your life open.

It is amazing, this land.
Your faces are so beautiful.