Monday, July 26, 2010

Comes A Time; Deuteronomy 2:2-8

Comes a time, when you're drifting. Comes a time when you settle down. Comes a light, feelings lifting, lift that baby right up off the ground. Oh, this old world keeps spinning round, it's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down. There comes a time. (Neil Young, "Comes A Time")

Look to what is hidden, deep within. There is a core, sometimes just a kernel, sometimes a blazing sun that says, "I believe!" and you know -- individually, collectively, that synthesis is happening.

We pick up our hobo sacks and our grumblings, tuck them away into small pockets of who we have been and turn to that shinier self that leaps forward with faith and determination, having learned the lessons of our parents, our ancestors, our friends and loved ones both living and dead, and we make contact with faith.

The part of ourselves that knows what we know, despite the mistakes of the past, despite the certain hardships and fears that lie ahead. We leap at the swelling of our souls, integrated into the wholeness of our being -- here, now. The path laid before us, the rules internalized and clear. No golden calfs sway us, the land we have been promised lies ahead and within and we joyfully dance toward it, taking only what has been given, paying our prices along the way, knowing faithfully that God is at our side, behind us, ahead of us, between us, among us, within us.

It's time.

You and I, we were captured. We took our souls and we flew away. We were right, we were giving. That's how we kept what we gave away. This whole world keeps spinning round. It's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down. There comes a time...(Neil Young)