Saturday, February 2, 2013

Exodus 20:1-15

We, all of us, have dreams. And we, all of us, stand before oneness and are blessed in abundance and love.

All that was promised, all our hopes and dreams, even if unspoken but held in our hearts and soul, are here right now. Stand up, take them.

Look around. Your dreams and my dreams, they may be different, they may be similar, but the biggest tragedy before us is to turn away and decide NOT to want, not to yearn, NOT to long for our own and others' wholeness, our communal completeness, the oneness that can be, and is.

Yes, it's conditional. Believe that YHVH is present for us.

Imagine a superhighway of love. If your great-great grandparents took the off-ramp, your family may wander a long time in Kansas before you, four generations later, find the on-ramp in Weston, Massachusetts.

Here are some of the teachings, the rules to stay on the highway:

Don't kill, don't steal, don't lie, don't commit adultery. Do not take what belongs to someone else. Keep honesty at the forefront, then forgive and be forgiven when we do wrong.

Work for goodness. Keep the Sabbath. Teach your children. Build your own relationship with holiness and YHVH. Build your relationship with your family and community. Let others do the same, in their own way, then stand side by side, hand in hand, in joy, as we are blessed by love.

Sometimes these tablets of stone are heavy, sometimes they are lighter than air -- that's why we all hold them together as one people, in truth and kindness.

Not just one at a time, but throughout time.

Our ancestors, Moses, Aaron, Miriam, our great-great-great grandparents, all those who came before us, they are still holding them, as we are, for the unseen but glimmering future our children and their children's children will carry forward before our very eyes.

We say "YES," we are blessed, right now... before... later.

Our authentic souls, our together souls, our "one people" soul, stands with our truthful hearts, imperfect and beaming, brimming with real knowledge of success and failure, bound and flowing with golden blessings of love.

We say "thank you" and take our place, hands extended, touching stone and earth and light, now and then, and forever.