Saturday, May 15, 2010

Numbers 1:50-54

May 15, 2010

Are you ready?

And we all look inside and say yes, praying that it is true, knowing that it is possible that we are not, but willing to try anyway.

Sheltering our own doubts, our own reservations, deep within, hoping that the strength of the word yes, surrounded by those who stand with us, knowing our faults and failures, knowing our strengths and moments of genius, will be enough to carry us all through, will be enough for us all to look one another in the eye and say, “I know you. I believe in you. I will help when I can, I will rely on you when I need you. I know you. Let’s go.”

And we all know that the war is both within and without. It is a people struggle to become sacred. It is about conquering the fear that lives inside, even when we are surviving, even when we are thriving, because you can’t come this far without knowing that darkness follows light, that bad follows good, even when we know the light will dawn again and good is always the key to redemption.

And we all fear death. Both the death of the body, and the death of failing in front of others who are called to stand by us. And some of us will and it will shatter us beyond repair. But the sacred community will still stand by us, remember our holy name and what we did in the name of god, even in our failures, and it will be enough. And we will have the chance to help others in their moments of challenge, in their moments of need, and we will give what we have and hope it is enough because this is all we can do – give, hope, and ask forgiveness. Give, hope, and ask forgiveness.

We will shine. We will fail. We will carry and struggle and fall and rise. We will find redemption and forgiveness, brilliance and peace, as we stand up, say yes, look each other in the eye, and go forward into the promised land. Fear and strength at our side, hope and forgiveness ever entertwined, and still we go forward. Still we carry on.