Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time After Time: Leich L'cha

Exodus 12:1-9: Go forth...

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper
Sung by Eva Cassidy

So, here we are again, called forth by love to move beyond where we are stuck.

It's motion that frees us, motion that connects us back to ourselves, back to love, back to God, back to the eternal.

Motion is so easy, but sometimes it seems so hard. We take everything we are with us as we go forward, and inevitably, we find our suitcase full of rocks.

But we can lighten the load. There's no secret.
Or, here's the secret: love the rocks.

When we're in the dry, parched Negev, love the sand, the heat, the steps that brought us here. And remember: no matter how stuck we are, no matter how heavy the load, light always follows dark.

But... Here's the real secret. As Avram had to learn, as we all have to learn -- do not deny the truth of who you are.

We can't if we are to move through, love at our back, at our heels, our hearts calling us forward.

We must be in motion as we are; as who we are.
"That woman, Sarai, she is my wife."

The truth moves us forward with loving kindness, time after time.

I woke this morning with the truth: I'm six months shy of forty, I'm not "young" anymore, not like I used to be. I remembered gifts I was given, the ones who said, "You are beautiful, you are loved..." and I knew they spoke the truth. I believe them.

So when we forget, when the desert storms swirl with sand, listen for the voice of truth and move yourself into the awareness of love.

Lighten your load. Take who you are, the whole truth of who you are, undeniable and shining with the hot sun, even in the darkness, the light of loving kindness, of chesed, is all around. When dawn arrives, walk yourself with awareness into love.

Keep going. We are loved and eternal and moving. Keep moving. We are all here with you, time after time.

"If you're lost, you can look, and you will find me, time after time. If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting, time after time. Time after time..."