Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Rock

What a long strange trip its been…

When we go forth each day, we know we’ve done wrong. We know we are imperfect, and even so, there is love available to us each and every moment, no matter what we have done. That is joy.

Think about it. We are flung from the stars into this life. We miss the mark, we hit the mark, we forget the mark, we remember the mark, and through it all, we are loved and we are redirected.

After this time of profound redirection, profound awakening, profound experience, we are rooted in joy, but we must continue to go forth into the oneness of life. Choosing to live in the swirling, moving, ever abiding love that sometimes shakes us to the core and sends us spinning into eddies and rivers where we face rapids we have never faced before, and then gives us gentle springs and floaty days when we really know the bounty and beauty of YHVH unfolding all around and within us.

These are the moments when we know the pain and glory of redemption.

To begin again is to believe in something bigger than we ever imagined. No matter the moment we went astray, the sin we committed, no matter the fault, even when it’s really bad, we can rejoin the flow.

We are part of something bigger than even that big moment in time, and we get to choose again and again and again, each season. We get the chance to demand that YHVH show us the bounty of what is possible, even though…

So guess what? I am choosing the good stuff.

Bring on the harvest, bring on the light, bring on the joy, I’m ready for it. I have spent my time with regret. I know it inside and out, and the only thing I can say is if you house regret in your bones without room for redemption you will sink like a stone.

YHVH wants more for us, shelters us from the searing moments that wrench the soul beyond space and time and then sends us back into our bodies for all we can bear. But here’s the deal: YHVH stands with us. We can bear this immense pain and this capacity for goodness, no matter the past.

This is our hope and our harvest. This is our joy. We have been and we will be sacred, in all lights. We are loved. Remember the mistakes of the past and then let them go. This is a new cycle. We are all lovable. We are all loved. The only true mistake is thinking we are unlovable.

So go forth into the next cycle. Beloved. We face the harvest of what we have sown. But we are all worthy. Every one of us, every moment. Don’t forget. That’s the joy.